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01 Nov 2023
Highly Recommended : NFP495 4TB

The NFP495 is the latest high-end drive from Neo Forza, available in capacities ranging from 1TB, 2TB to 4TB, all using the PCIe Gen4 interface. The aluminum graphene foilsink also contributes to effective heat dissipation, maintaining the drive's cooling performance under intensive operations, making it an excellent choice.

In our real-world performance tests, we observed impressive numbers from the Neo Forza NFP495, comparable to other high-performance and priced PCIe Gen 4 drives. For example, the NFP495 competes with Fury Renegade, Kingston KC3000, and Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS, all of which are top-tier drives. Despite lacking on-board DRAM, the TenaFE TC2201 controller, with four transmission channels, NVMe 1.4 support, and a speed of 2400 MT/second, delivered outstanding performance compared to higher-priced controllers, placing NFP495 at the forefront of choice.

Given its performance indicators, the NFP495 is among the fastest drives for sustained workloads. In mixed-standards testing, the NFP495 performs exceptionally well, amongst the fastest in real-world tests. However, the competition is close, especially with FURY Renegade. NFP495 trace-tests show excellent numbers, and linear performance remains excellent and sustainable. The NFP495 managed to write linearly on 38% of its space at a continuous speed of 6494 megabytes/second, which is impressive.

Neo Forza has done an excellent job with the NFP495, and we highly recommend this product if it meets your requirements. Priced at approximately $175, Neo Forza has chosen a competitive price point for its 4TB capacity drive. This price is significantly lower than that of competing drives. The NFP495 excels in performance under various conditions, providing premium NVMe performance for workloads. With a five-year warranty, the NFP495 is an excellent choice for users seeking a top-notch Gen4 M.2 SSD at a competitive price and large capacity.

ArabOverclockers confidently recommend it for both enthusiastic users and professionals, as well as content creators. Based on our review of the Neo Forza NFP495 drive and its performance testing, it deserves ArabOverclockers’ Gold Award and Best Value Award.

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