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24 Aug 2022
Editor's Choice : MARS DDR4 4000MHz 64GB Kit

"This Neo Forza MARS DDR4-4000 kit deserves a Editor Choice award for pushing the limits of what DDR4 can offer consumers in 2022. It is exceptionally high capacity memory kit and when setup correctly, it outperforms DDR4-3600 memory with lower primary timings. The key here is setting up the memory correctly.

If you plan on enabling the XMP and nothing else, the memory at best will automatically be set to Gear 2 mode. If you are not willing to manually tweak BIOS settings, Neo Forza has 64 GB 3200 MT/s and 3600 MT/s memory kits just for those who want a easier plug and play experience.  

Keep in mind when looking at the benchmarks, this is 64 GB (not 16GB / 32GB) of system memory. The top performers that surpass this kit are either 16 GB or 32 GB in total capacity.

And I don't think we will ever see a retail 64 GB memory kit with primary timings consisting of 14-14-14-34 because that is strictly reserved for Samsung B-Die and those are not produced as 4 GB ICs (to making 32GB sticks)."

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