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31 Oct 2023
Highly Recommended : MDK5 96GB DDR5 6000MHz

As the DDR5 era began in earnest, Intel last year and AMD this year expanded the maximum memory capacity to 192GB (4x48GB). Accordingly, memory companies began producing 24/48GB modules which previously produced only 8/16/32GB modules.

Of course, since it (24/48GB modules) has just emerged, you can't see many of it in the market yet. Neo Forza prepared 24/48GB modules and added a 96GB model as a dual-channel kit to its MDK5 series, one of its non-RGB lineup. It is a welcomed product for consumers who want larger capacity. Consumer demand may or may not be limited as large memory capacity is more needed for highly DRAM-intensive applications than for gaming.

As DDR5 is currently affected by the CPU's Internal Memory Controller (IMC), memory performance is not proportional to its large capacity. Additionally, as 24/48GB sticks are using the non-binary 3Gbx8 dies, its performance when compared with 1Gbx8/2Gbx8 dies (8/16/32GB sticks) can be, to be very nit-picky, said to be "disappointing". However, to be fair and not mis-conclude from chart comparisons, the performance difference in real-world usage is negligible.

From the perspective of consumers who primarily use PCs for work, memory capacity is the main importance. If a high-end CPU and high-end motherboard be part of the PC, overall performance can be further enhanced by overclocking. This is where the MDK5 DDR5 6000MHz 96GB kit fits very well; a high-end workstation PC with large memory capacity; for DRAM-intensive applications (like content creation, database-processing, AI-computing, CAD/CAM, etc) and triple-A gaming.

For such type of users, we whole-heartedly highly recommend the Neo Forza MDK5 DDR5 6000MHz 96GB Kit.

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