About Company

Neo Forza is the brand entity under Goldkey Technology Corporation (TPEx stock-code 3135) personifying the company’s technical-acumen and experience spanning more than two decades.

Since 1998, the company has been designing and manufacturing memory modules and Flash products for international clientele. This momentum results from existing tight relationships within the semiconductor industry, the continual evolution of manufacturing processes, and perpetual abreast of market trends.

To this day, Neo Forza products is trusted by many, and continually garners non-sponsored awards by professional tech-media who are in their own industry for more than 15 years. We are glad to have our products speak for us and for the value Neo Forza brings to the community.

Quintessential Acumen
Unrelenting Drive
enthusiasts-at-heart ∙ gamers-in-mind

Established in 2018 with gamers and enthusiasts in-mind, Neo Forza strives to make best-of-breed products avail to our brethren-kind.

Pushing technological-boundaries and keeping up with latest trends, Neo Forza is perpetually at the fore-front of computer memory and storage. And we conscientiously assure all products to possessing good value propositions.