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12 Oct 2023
Editor's Choice : NFP495 4TB

Translated :

Although the NFP495 is DRAM-less, it has 2 key features which propels its performance and operational lifespan; large SLC Cache and use of HMB (Host Memory Buffer)

SLC Caching, which makes it deal with the 3DNAND TLC as SLC by default.
Whilst HMB is a cost-performance alternative to on-board DRAM.

Consistent read/write throughputs reach between 6000-7000 MB/s , comparable with the top (aka expensive) Gen4 performance SSDs out there in the market.

The NFP495 comes with a copper-foil sink for heat-dissipation and it functions well as stress tests showed little thermal throttling; unnoticeable under real-world function tests.

What is truly outstanding about the NFP495 (4TB) is its superb value-for-money at MRSP US$175. In this aspect, the NFP495 beats almost all brands of equivalent capacity and performance in terms of cost-performance ratio (CP-Ratio); biggest bang per dollar in view of great performance vis-a-vis price vis-a-vis total capacity.

Neo Forza made an awesome option for high capacity (4TB) Gen4 M.2 SSD.


Original (Arabic) :

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