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25 Oct 2023
Editor's Choice : MDK5 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 6000MHz Kit

The Neo Forza MDK5 is a great DDR5 RAM kit that offers a good performance and a great overclocking potential if your motherboard and CPU can keep up. The RAM kit has no RGB LEDs and requires no software to work.

Build quality is good. Aluminum heatsinks on both sides of the PCB that use thick thermal pads. The PMIC has a dedicated thermal pad which is great to see, as that chip has a tendency to heat up during overclocking and high voltage operation.

Good results across the board in both games and synthetic benchmarks. The MDK5 shines when it comes to overclocking, as this 6000MHz RAM kit was able to overclock to 7000MHz using factory timings and just some voltage increase.

In conclusion, the Neo Forza MDK5 is a good-looking RAM kit possessing great overclocking headroom. This RAM kit can break the 7000MHz barrier with lower timings and thus more performance gain.

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