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06 Oct 2023
Editor's Choice : MDK5 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 6000MHz Kit

Neo Forza is a brand of Taiwan's GoldKey Technology Corporation, which has strong presence in the semiconductor industry. Since 1998 GoldKey has been involved in designing and producing DRAM and FLASH modules for many international customers.

The RGB-less RAM kit that Neo Forza sent is the MDK5 large capacity 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 6000MHz.
First, let me talk a little about this "new, different" capacity. DRAM module capacity is commonly at  8GB, 16GB, or 32GB as the ICs are either 1Gbx8 or 2Gbx8 configuration. ICs are packaged inside the chip (memory chip). There is still some allowance within the (DDR5) chip-packaging to accommodating denser ICs meaning for the same (DDR5) memory chip size, capacity can be further increased.  The DRAM Industry successfully developed 3Gbx8 ICs, that DDR5 module capacity can be at 24GB or 48GB. And in the markets memory kits with capacities 2x24GB , 2x48GB have appeared.

The Neo Forza ram kit that I mentioned is part of the MDK5 series. The MDK5 is minimalistically designed to assuring the best performance, as will be shown later, due to no power-delivery  complications or interference from otherwise additional (RGB) components and circuitry.

MDK5's PCB is good quality thick. MDK5's aluminium heatspreaders have adequate height; decently low-profile that does not block big-sized CPU coolers, yet tall and wide enough to efficiently dissipate heat under extreme overclocking. As mentioned, MDK5 is RGB-less; intentionally designed to eliminating costs associated with RGB components and RGB module assembly (LED bulbs, RGB-circuitry, RGB PCB, RGB light bar, SMT components for RGB, assembly manufacture costs associated with RGB) , and with the no-box-but-effective-presentation of the MDK5 blister retail packaging , Neo Forza is passing cost savings to the end-user whilst offering best DRAM performance at the same time. This means the end user is basically paying only for the quality chips on the memory module. Minimalism is at its best here.

Neo Forza MDK5 uses Hynix ICs (capable of high bandwidth for DDR5 ram). It has 2 types of Profile EXPO/XMP at 2 levels 5600/6000 MHz , compatible with both AMD and INTEL platforms. Side note : JEDEC highest standard at the time of post is 5600MHz.

I was curious and excited to experience this RAM kit considering it is large capacity 96GB, and the default 6000MHz speed being not too high (when compared with DDR5 7200 / 8000MHz), so expecting it will be hard to push.

With AMD the overclocked-stable speed (MEMTEST PRO validated) achieved is 6600Mhz, which is pretty high and, at time of this posting, the best performance one can get out of AMD series 7000 platform.

With INTEL platform, the MDK5 was tested on different CPU / mainboard mixes; ranging from the medium to the very high end. Notably, on the MSI Z790 TOMAHAWK and ASRock Z790 Lightning, the MDK5 96GB 6000MHz functioned stably between 7000MHz and 7400Mhz. Note that maximum achiveable overclocked speeds shall also be dependent on mainboard and the CPU's IMC (Internal Memory Controller). This is very impressive. It is very difficult to extreme-overclock large capacity memory sticks, example 32GB vs 8GB sticks. This MDK5 is 96GB (2x48GB sticks) and which also is dual-ranked; technically increases overclocking difficulty. From 6000MHz to 7000/7400MHz stable for a 96GB kit, the MDK5 is truly, truly impressive.

When tested on a CPU/mainboard mix that is specialized for overclocking, this Neo Forza MDK5 kit can reach up to 7800MHz with high throughputs in READ/WRITE/COPY and very good CAS Latency comparable with extreme-overclocked lower capacity memory kits. Such results coming from 2 pieces of 48GB memory sticks at base frequency of 6000MHz is unheard of. Neo Forza knows what it is doing when designing the MDK5 series.   

In general, except for the lack of RGB, MDK5 performs well, a lot of overclocking headroom, and good compatibility with both INTEL & AMD platforms. The MDK5's heatspreaders does its job of heat-dissipation very well; proof is shown using MEMTEST PRO, the harsh stress program, at extreme overclocked speeds and observing no errors.

With the presence of 24GB/48GB sticks in the market, it will open up more options for capacity upgrades. For example, when 32GB is not enough but 64GB is excessive then 48GB will be the choice to optimize cost. Moreover, The cost per 1GB of RAM when choosing a 24/48GB stick is usually cheaper than choosing a 16GB/32GB stick.

In-closing, this MDK5 96GB DDR5 6000MHz kit truly deserves my accolade. It gets the Thanh's Choice.

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