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14 Jul 2023
BEST Performance : NFP455 2TB

" The NFP455 is our PCIe Gen4 SSD hero.

Worst conditions (fully loaded and no internal air circulation): temperature control protection after reaching 85 degrees
 Under normal operation: 45 - 65 degrees

No Need To Buy A Professional Heatsink (Block)  !

In our extensive testing, the NFP455's transfer speed varied between 6000MB/s and 7400MB/s without any severe thermal throttling, while everything was stable.

NFP455 compared with Gen5 SSD (reach up to 10000MB/s) is a difference of 2600MB/s. But buying a Gen5 SSD is not worth it, because one has to pay double the price and forced to get a huge heatsink block and get a motherboard that supports PCIe 5.0 - just to enjoy the 2600MB/s increase (?)

To-date, we conclude that the NFP455 is arguably the king of GEN4 SSDs.

If you are looking for a Gen4 storage unit with the latest operating technology and high speed, we highly recommend New Forza's NFP455, and you must prioritize it."

Original (Arabic):


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