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12 Feb 2022
Editor's Choice : NFP425 2TB & NFP425 1TB

"The NFP425 1TB & 2TB models by Neo Forza produced some of the highest numbers in my charts (especially in IOMeter). With no complaints about performance and endurance (700/1400TBW for the 1/2TB models is more or less on par with the competition) it’s time to move to cost.

The NFP425 prices for the 2TB version and the 1TB version is clear that it will become very popular very fast (that is if stores follow the MSRP). Overall, I can’t ask for anything more when it comes to the NFP425 line of SSDs, performance levels are right up there with the best Gen4 drives currently available, endurance levels are very good and in terms of cost well. So, for all of the above the Neo Forza NFP425 line is certainly worth the Platinum Award."

Excellent Performance Levels
Endurance (700TBW - 1400TBW / 1.6 Million Hours MTBF)
5 Year Limited Warranty
Copper Foil

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