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30 May 2022
Editor's Choice : FAYE DDR4-3600 64GB Kit

"It’s never been such a great time to grab a 64GB DDR4 RAM kit and even be able to overclock it, if you want to have some extra fun. This was a rarity in the past, since with such high densities per stick, basically, what you got was pretty much a one-off setting. This 3600 MHz CL18 FAYE kit is also the recommended Ryzen sweet-spot to have that direct 1:1 ratio of the Infinity Fabric which will give you the best overall performance and low latency. Thus, this Neo Forza kit is a must have item!"

The good:
Amazing results out of the box
Big option list to choose from the FAYE family
Even room left for some OC
Stealth and cool looking design
Airflow optimised aluminium heatsinks

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