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06 Apr 2022
Good Value : eSports NFP075 2TB

"Neo Forza eSports NFP075 SSD comes with great performance for those who are not interested in 4GB SSDs. With high data transfer reliability up to 1550 TBW and speeds up to 3400 MB to read and 3000 MB to write, it is highly competitive against other PCIe Gen 3 brands that we have tried. The SSD may or may not require a motherboard that has M.2 heatsink at the M.2 socket, which is available in abundance these days, as you rarely find a motherboard without such accessories. Even then, at this price, there is more than enough left-over funds to purchase a separate cooling sink for the NFP075, if needed, as it is competitively priced."

High read-write performance for a Gen 3 SSD
Great affordable price for 2TB
Awesome lifespan (endurance TBW)

Original (Arabic) :

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