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29 Mar 2022
Seal-Of-Approval : FAYE DDR4 4600MHz 2x16GB Kit

"Out of the box, the Neo Forza Faye DDR4-4600 worked without any hitch with the XMP profile, which for many people is all they need for their RAM. The fact that Neo Forza kept the timing on the RAM loose ensures that it has least compatibility issue with motherboards. While the requirement for 1.5V may worry some potential shopper, we are glad that Neo Forza is backing the memory with lifetime warranty. Thus, should there be any issue arise with these modules, you can sleep soundly that that it would be taken care of.

Aesthetically, the FAYE is not the flashiest memory out there. While this may turn away some buyer who demands RAM modules that offers exciting light show, some may find appreciate the more subdue look. Clearly, the Neo Forza Faye values performance over style. Instead of focusing on flashy features such as ARGB, Neo Forza spend on picking highly binned chip and testing it to ensure that it is able to deliver the high performance.

Not everyone is into spending time tinkering every minute settings of their system to extract every little drop of performance; instead, some want a piece of hardware that just work without much fuzz and having the option to fine-tune the performance if they choose to do so. And this is what the Neo Forza Faye delivers. If you are on a market for a fast memory, we don’t see anything wrong in choosing this kit."

DDR4 4600MHz worked out of the box with the XMP profile without hitches
Highly-binned chips
Neo Forza's assuring Lifetime Warranty (in-especially to higher-voltage high-speed kits)

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