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02 Oct 2021
Gold : Faye 32GB DDR4 4600MHz Kit

"One word comes to mind about the FAYE 32GB DDR4 4600MHz CL19 kit by Neo Forza, fast. Still even though it’s clear from the charts that the FAYE 32GB 4600MHz CL19 is fast, according to Neo Forza this isn’t quite compatible with every motherboard out there, not at 4600MHz (which is why some of my colleagues have been testing it at lower frequencies and timings). Luckily the Z590 DARK by EVGA had no problems with it (even at 4800MHz). Prior to purchasing these I suggest contacting the support team over at Neo Forza. That being said since the kit did run on my test rig with impressive results."

Build Quality
Thin Heatspreaders
Top Of The Charts Performance (4600MHz CL19 / Up To 5000MHz CL19)
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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