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22 Feb 2022
Recommended : FAYE DDR4 5000 2x8GB Kit

"The Neo Forza Faye DDR4-5000 holds the honor of being the highest-binned DDR4 retail kit Neo Forza offers currently. It will take a motherboard that is capable of running a memory kit of a certain caliber. In fact, it will generally require a bit of technical knowledge beyond what is considered plug and play. Built upon high-quality ICs, this Neo Forza Faye 5000 MT/s kit is recommended for those who chase records or enjoy tinkering with computers. This can test your patience at times, but the payoff is quite rewarding. For those who take pride in accomplishing a challenging goal or simply wanting to show off a bit of technical know-how, Neo Forza delivers as promised."

The good:
Great Overclocking
High-binned SK-Hynix DJR ICs
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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