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15 Dec 2023
Highly Recommended : MDK5 96GB DDR5 6000MHz

The Neo Forza MDK5 DDR5 6000MHz 96GB kit gets our Golden award.

The MDK5 series is non-RGB and is quite elegant and not "loud". Its height is about 40mm; ideal for use in very small chassis or/and no obstruction with big CPU coolers. The PMIC has thermal padding which is very good since the PMIC tends to run hot.


Going through the tests on the MDK5 DDR5 6000 2x48GB kit, the following key points are;

  • easy to use. With the XMP 3.0 and EXPO profiles, it was really that easy to have the kit run at its advertised frequency and timings. No complications.
  • performance on par with higher frequencies (>6000MHz). As the charts show, there really isn't a big difference that will break its value. Rather, the charts further strengthens the kit's value.
  • amazing overclockablility. On our INTEL test-platform, we were able to overclock it to 7000MHz stable (Gear 1) by just increasing memory voltage slightly. Have not even touched the timings. And this is coming from a pair of 48GB modules - utterly impressive. This also means its rated CAS timings can be tightened by a significant margin too. Caveat : overclocking and CAS tightening are also dependent on the mainboard and CPU used. So results shall vary from PC to PC.


The biggest takeaway is its MSRP at a very tempting USD263/245Euros (VAT not included). For such a large capacity kit which performs great, is easy to use, is aesthetically pleasing, is unobstructive with CPU coolers, is highly overclockable / CAS-tightenable, and combined with its MSRP the MDK5 DDR5 6000MHz 96GB kit, we can only say, it's a winner.

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