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13 Dec 2023
Best Value : NFP495 4TB

CONCLUSION : The Neo Forza NFP495 4TB SSD gets the "2023 Best Value Product" award from us. It offers big capacity at an excellent price, with high read and write speeds for fourth-generation storage units. And it boasts an endurance of 2800TBW and features 232-layer 3D NAND TLC chips.

Highly Consistent Performance : During our evaluation and testing, the NFP495 gave no compromises except for the absence of DRAM, relying on HMB. Despite that, the transfer speed remains consistent even when transferring a full 1 terabyte.

PS5 Version please, Neo Forza : Certainly, a unit of this capacity could require a good heat sink, and it's noted that the motherboard's built-in heat sink is sufficient to keep the unit's temperatures under control. No need to buy after-market heatsinks. However, perhaps the company could pre-install a heatsink onto the NFP495 and thereby making it the preferred choice for PlayStation 5 owners.
Laptop Friendly : The unit's components are on one side for greater compatibility with laptops and other devices with specific installation conditions.

Great Price-Performance : The unit is priced at $175 for the 4TB version, which is competitive and excellent for this capacity.  

Summary ,

  • Good performance in both reading and writing compared to third-generation units.
  • Good value for the price for a storage unit with Gen4 interface and 4 terabytes of space.
  • Transfer speed remains high even when transferring 1 terabyte directly.
  • Energy consumption is at a great level of efficiency.
  • Single-sided SSD; components on one side for better cooling, and fits into any M2 slot (2280) without constraint.
  • Good endurance up to 2800 TBW.
  • 5-year warranty.

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