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28 Nov 2023
Recommended : TRINITY 6400 32GB Kit

Final Conclusions

Neo Forza has provided us with their Trinity DDR5 series, their DDR5 Flagship, and specifically the Trinity DDR5 6400MHz 32GB kit. It is a commercial kit shipped from Newegg.

We will make this summary short.

Aesthetics is appealing. Performance is impressive. Overclocking potential is superb. And with XMP options 5600MT/s and 6400MT/s, users have flexibility to choose based on their motherboard/CPU mix. This is positive for a variety of use-cases.

For enthusiasts, there's ample room for exteme overclocking. With tweaks to voltages and timings, we overclocked it to 6933MHz stable and we believe it can go even higher with latest motherboards. That is to say Trinity pushes the motherboard and CPU to perform and keep up.

Neo Forza no longer surprises us as its products deliver great performance at good prices as expected. It is therefore no surprise that we highly recommend Neo Forza's flagship TRINITY.


RGB lighting

Excellent design

Very effective heatsink

SK Hynix chips

Outstanding overclocking margin

Lifetime warranty

Cons: Nothing noteworthy

Original (Spanish) :


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