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21 Nov 2023
Recommended : NFP055 2TB

Final Conclusions

Neo Forza has presented an excellent proposal for Gen 3 storage, such as the NFP055, which offers 2TB of storage. For many, this will be satisfactory as the demand in games requires a considerable amount of GB. The Neo Forza NFP055 is an excellent option for work and gaming, offering speeds that align well with users' needs, ensuring optimal performance. Based on our analysis, the NFP055 is an entry-level NVMe that provides very good speeds for common users and gamers, offering just what is needed for a great experience. While it may not be the top product from Neo Forza, it is a worthy candidate for those seeking a good experience in fast and efficient storage at very nice price-points.

So if one is a casual gamer and not too demanding, the Neo Forza NFP055 2TB is your best option with suitable speeds and more than enough capacity for your gaming sessions, office work, and school projects.


Dies manufactured by TSMC

CVD Graphene-Copper FoilSink

Nominal sequential R/W: 3100 / 1700 MB per second

Maximum sequential R/W: 2800 / 1700 MB per second

Endurance: 600 terabytes (TBW)

Optimized read performance

PCIe Gen3.1 x4 certified, NVMe 1.4

On-the-fly data 256-bit secure encryption

Thermal throttle management

Advanced wear leveling

Bad block management

Cons: Nothing noteworthy at Gen3 levels and sweet price-point

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