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10 Nov 2023
Recommended : FAYE DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz

Final Conclusion

Neo Forza has demonstrated potential in each product we've tested, particularly evident in the FAYE series, which targets overclocking enthusiasts and gamers seeking high-quality kits. While its presentation may not be as flashy as the MARS series, it allowed us to appreciate well-built modules with excellent heat dissipation. In terms of performance, we are more than satisfied, as it offers generous overclocking margins similar to its larger counterpart reviewed earlier. Users can easily experience the power of 4400MHz with a single click, ensuring a highly satisfactory experience. By pushing a bit further, we reached 4800MHz, providing a bit more power. Although the improvement was not significant compared to using the XMP profile, it mainly reflects in overclocking scenarios. Therefore, we recommend using the XMP profile for daily use or gaming, where a more noticeable experience is obtained.

"Overall, its performance has been excellent, allowing for some manual overclocking and delivering a very good experience at 4400MHz—a kit that any user would desire."


  • Excellent Performance
  • XMP and Extreme Profiles
  • Forged Aluminum Heat Dissipation with Custom Design
  • Hynix Chips
  • 12-layer PCB
  • Good Overclocking Margin
  • Lifetime Warranty


Cons: Nothing noteworthy

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