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26 Sep 2023
Editor's Choice : MDK5 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 6000MHz Kit

Translated : "The MDK5 series shows Neo Forza to be one of the best memory manufacturers in the business.  MDK5 is intentionally designed without RGB (no RGB components and no need for the more expensive RGB-circuitry PCB) and comes in a blister retail packaging, to pass cost-savings to the enduser.  We are certain that the MDK5 is designed to be "Minimalist Powerhouse".

The MDK5 2x48GB kit at stock frequency of 6000MHz is great choice for any AMD or INTEL astute non-RGB poweruser who needs lots of memory for professional work and PC-intensive gaming.

The RAM is very stable without BSODs - 48GB sticks @ 6000MHz. The chips used are best-in-class Hynix (which we understand from Neo Forza that the company uses its own custom methods to screening out these solid chips)

The aluminium heatsink is simple, elegant and excellently does its job of cooling.  The memory still feels cool after running at overclock-stable 6800MHz under stress-tests. With 96GB of memory running at 6800MHz, Windows operating system just feels snappier.

All the above was tested and benchmarked using an i5 test platform, not a i9K/Z790 setup! This means the common DDR5 PC enduser can enjoy this wonderful kit. It simply is cheaper than the 96GB RGB-equivalent. Kudos to Neo Forza for making the MDK5 series.


As we foresee the trend of DDR5 to be heading towards very high capacity at very high bandwidths (which otherwise there would be little differentiation with DDR4), this MDK5 is considered one of the best and most important memory products for DDR5 generation.

The MDK5 96GB DDR5 6000MHz RGB-less kit truly deserves our Editor's Choice for outstanding quality, performance and price point.

We are excited to see what Neo Forza brings out in the near future."

Original (in Arabic) :

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