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23 Apr 2023
Highly Recommended : NFP075 1TB

"Neo Forza has presented us with an excellent proposal for storage such as the eSports NFP075 which offers us 1TB of storage that will be satisfactory for many,

Its performance is excellent, exhibiting very consistent maximum transfer rates; no diminishing performance during the thorough-tests. It either rivals the best (and expensive) Gen3 SSDs or beats them. It really has very consistent high Gen3 performance characteristics.

Whether you are a Gamer or someone who needs speed with great performance, the Neo Forza eSports NFP075 is an excellent option for storage.  This product is highly recommended for use in gaming and normal use PCIe Gen3 PCs / Notebooks.

Finally, factoring in technology-turnover and different markets' demands into great performance and build quality considerations we grant 2 awards; (a) "Highly Recommended" (excellent for Gen3 PCs and Notebooks), and (b) overall  "Approved" (only because it is Gen3, not Gen4). "


  • Excellent Performance
  • Capacities from 256GB to 2TB
  • Integrated DRAM performance caching
  • Cost/Performance Price
  • PCIe Gen3.1 x4 NVMe 1.3
  • SLC caching
  • 3-year warranty


Against:  Nothing (within Gen3 realm)

Original( Spanish ):

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