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06 Jul 2023
SoA : TRINITY 6400 32GB Kit

" Neo Forza Trinity (RGB) is an attractive memory series for those who are into RGB. Performance is within the expected range and the AMD EXPO/Intel XMP 3.0 profile makes life easier. With the relatively low-profile RGB heat spreader (40 mm/1.57 inches), one shouldn’t encounter clearance problems with big extensive CPU coolers. Headroom (tighter timings/more frequency) is available as we reached 6600 MHz with CL36-40-40-80.

It possesses very good performance and build quality we would expect from Neo Forza.

Alongside with the impressive JetBlack DDR5 6000MHz 2x32GB kit which deservedly got the "Guru3D Recommended"  award, we give Neo Forza Trinity (RGB) 6400MHz 2x16GB kit the “Guru3D Approved” award. "

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