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21 Jun 2023
BEST Performance : TRINITY 7200MHz 32GB Kit

"The Neo Forza Trinity RGB DDR5 7200Mhz 32GB kit ekes out maximum performance of 13th generation CPU on most mid-range mainboards (Z690). In-addition, there is headroom to overclocking the memory to approximately 8000MHz. It was able to achieve 7800MHz with our test platform.

It has 4 memory CAS profiles ; XMP1 (7200MHz), XMP2 (6400MHz), EXPO1 (6400MHz) , EXPO2 (6000MHz). EXPO profiles are slower than XMP ones due to AMD CPU’s limitation. Therefore the 7200MHz kit is most suitable for PC using INTEL 13th generation CPUs + Z690/Z790 boards.

If we have to be super picky, it would be the heatsink could be improved in-regards to very high overclocked frequencies (>7800MHz). But it is not an issue.

 The Neo Forza Trinity RGB DDR5 2x16GB 7200MHz provides sufficient heat-dissipation for this speed with good RGB effects which are controllable by different motherboards and at a good price of $165 (at the time of writing), it gets the “Best Performance” award."

Performance : 9.5
Technologies : 8.9
Manufacturing Quality : 8.5
Price vs. Performance : 9.2

Original (Arabic) :

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