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29 Dec 2022
Editor's Choice : SoDIMMs for BareBones

"The Shuttle DH32U5 barebone had absolutely no issues operating with 64GB of RAM at 3200MHz thanks to the Neo Forza PnP (Plug-n-Play) kit. There was no extra configuration necessary, the correct speed being detected right away and there were no stability problems either. The C22 kit, operating at a low voltage of 1.2V, does not need heatsinks even when installed in passive (low air-circulation) enclosures.

Besides the presented SKU, Neo Forza also has available a lot of other DDR4 SODIMM kits and depending on the operating frequency there are different CLs involved, and all operate at the exact same frequency. In terms of capacity, we will note 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB modules, all benefiting from a lifetime limited warranty."

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