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27 Oct 2022
Gold : TRINITY JetBlack 6000 2x32GB

"Although even just 5 years ago 64GB would seem overkill to most people today seeing how quickly 32GB is becoming the standard I think that 64GB is the way to go, primarily if you’re an enthusiast or even a serious gamer (some professionals may climb even higher). As for the TRINITY JetBlack kit even though performance at stock was very good, I was able to push it to 6200MHz and 6400MHz just by upping voltages to 1.34V and 1.39V respectively so I think it did really well (was unable to climb higher however even with 1.45V – just like in the past to be certain this wasn’t due to high temperatures I placed an Noctua Industrial-PPC 3000RPM fan right over the modules). The lack of RGB lighting is not really an issue, not since the TRINITY RGB line is identical to the JetBlack but with RGB LEDs on top (it was a good move by Neo Forza to introduce a non-RGB kit like the JetBlack)."

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