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07 Oct 2022
Editor's Choice : TRINITY JetBlack DDR5-6000 64GB (2x32GB)

"The TRINITY JETBLACK 64GB DDR5-6000 C40 is actually the first high-capacity kit we have tested being able to run at said high frequency (6000MHz) guaranteed, by just enabling XMP, it’s that easy! Neo Forza has all kits tested and sorted in-house but sometimes, depending on the used motherboard, it is a hit and miss regarding reaching the desired frequency, as we have noted with our EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED, while on the MSI Z690 TORPEDO, the kit worked like a charm.

This is the non-RGB version of the TRINITY and Neo Forza has chosen to go with black color in order to fit with most motherboard/system color schemes. The TRINITY series is optimized for Alder Lake systems but also for Raptor Lake and AM4/AM5 platforms, even before some of these do reach mass market! Retail kits do also have a secondary, failsafe XMP profile at a lower frequency of 5600MHz in order to ensure compatibility with most motherboards/setups."


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