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14 Dec 2021
Best Value : FAYE DDR4 4600 2x16GB

"Neo Forza truly has gamers and enthusiasts in-mind; offering high speed memory at best possible prices, which is evidenced by our experience of the Neo Forza Faye 32GB DDR4 4600MHz 2x16GB memory. For a total of 32 GB memory at a frequency of DDR4 4600 MHz, it is about U$100 cheaper than DDR5 4800 MHz, this kit is a great choice.

Value, performance and overclocking ability. Simple and easy to reach 4900 MHz by raising the voltage only to 1.6 volts without any other complications on the Intel platform for both Z590 and B560 motherboards. (However, due to the way the Ryzens are built) we cannot say the same on the AMD platform, as the memories do not provide the best performance for the AM4 platform which in this case (the Ryzen) tops out at a frequency of 3800 MHz or 4600 MHz.

This kit (is for enthusiasts) and is not to be used with cheap motherboards."

Performance with XMP Profile is good
Great overclocking especially for Dual Rank memory
Easy dismantling of stock heatsinks to using custom-sinks without ripping chips
Good price for performance and overclocking capabilities

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