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20 Jan 2022
Press & Announcements
Neo Forza : No Plans to Exhibit @ Computex 2022

Due to consequences of measures to containing exposure to, and spread of, the virus locally in Taiwan and in other countries Neo Forza will not be partaking at this year's Computex which is scheduled in May.

Citing local media outlets and the Health Ministry to perpetually providing statistical updates on infections and mortalities which the counter-intuitiveness of such action is in inadvertedly causing high social jitters and concerns, and coupled with reactive (changing) policies and advice by local authorities, and further convoluted by grapevine information, "these factors in-totality has become the greatest inhibitor to exhibition partake and/or attendance", said Marketing Department Liaison Officer, Goldkey Technology Corporation, to which the Officer added "the public has become much more concerned with essentials, social-distancing and confinements than exhibitions and travel".

In-regards to Computex 2023, Neo Forza has yet to decide if it is plausible to partake.  Aside, Neo Forza has plans to hold a local event in 2023.

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